Department of English
Adoni Genesis

The Department of English came into being at the inception of our College in 1962. It started with two members on the faculty. Mr. M.G. Narasimha Murthy was the first Head of the department, the other member of the department being Mr. V. Chandramouli. With the increase in student strength, recruitments took place over a period of time and the number of teachers on the faculty increased to eleven. Subsequently, the number has come down to six. At present, there are four aided lecturers and two lecturersare working on Consolidated Pay.

Lecturers who Retired or Left the Department

1. Mr. M.G. Narasimha Murthy 27-6-1962 31-7-1984 Retired as Principal
2. Mr. V. Chandra Mouli 23-9-1963 31-7-1993 Retired as the Head of the Department
3. Mr. P.S. Murthy 07-8-1969 30-6-1996 Retired as the Head of the Department
4. Mr. A.Ramachandraiah Naidu 14-8-1970 30-6-2004 Retired as the Head of the Department
5. Mr. K.C.M. Datta 10-9-1974 31-8-2004 Retired as lecturer
6. Mr. N.V. Venkatappa 13-9-1967 30-6-1995 Retired as lecturer
7. Mr. V. Chandra Mohan 14-7-1966 31-11-1995 Retired as lecturer
8. Mr. T. Raghavendra Rao 7-8-1969 30-5-1995 Retired as lecturer
9. Mr. C. Radha Krishna Murthy 1-7-1966 - Died in harness in 1976
10. Mr. Y. Subba Rao 3-9-1964 - Left the college in 1966
11. Mr. A. Venkata Rami Reddy 14-9-1963 - Left the college in 1965
12. Dr. C. Balaji Badrinath Rowjee 13-11-1970 31-12-2006 Retired as Principal
13. Sri.RAS Sastry 05-12-1973 31-01-2009 Retired as Principal
14. Sri P Sudhakar Rao 01-oct-1980 31-12-2016 Retired as Principal

Staff Particulars

G. Ram Kishan M.A. M.Phil, PGDTE 21-12-1998 One orientation course and three refresher courses Attended the Five day Workshop on communication skills and Generative linguistics
N.Newton Raj M.A., .M.Phil, B. Ed. 29-6-2000 One Orientation course and two refresher courses in addition to two Train the Trainer programmes Attended a five day work shop on communication skills
K. Samson M.A, M.Phil 23-2-1996 Two refresher courses in addition to two Train the Trainer programmes -
M. Jonathan Wycliffe M.A October 2004 Two Train the Trainer Programmes Attended a Five day workshop on Communication Skills
P.Sateesh Kumar M.A., B.Ed - - -
Smt Jubeda Bee M.A July 2015 - -
Benyamin M.A Sep 2015 - -
B.Gopalu M.A -- -- --

Changes in the Syllabus and Efforts for Implementation
The Department has been holding aloft the banner of excellence for the past forty-four years. The Department is fully geared to face the new academic challenges posed with the advent of the modified curriculum.

The Globalization phenomenon has tremendously increased the job potential. But the stress is now on the enhancement of soft skills, communication skills and neutralization of accent, if the job potential is to be fully tapped. The A.P. State Government has risen to the occasion and thoroughly revamped the Degree English Syllabus, in consultation with A.P.S.C.H.E. The new syllabus is named the “Modified Curriculum”

The stress on the traditional syllabus comprising literature and grammar has been reduced by fifty percent and Spoken English and Communication Skills have been given importance, accounting for fifty percent marks in the university examinations.