National Service Scheme
National Service Scheme (N.S.S) was launched during the Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth centenary year i.e., 1969.
The main aim of N.S.S. is “Development of student personality through Community Service”. In order to fulfill the objective, student Volunteers and program functionaries are engaged in constructive and productive programs involving students in various awareness drives like shramdaan, Social reforms, Communal harmony, creation of community assets, relief work, blood donation, environmental protection, eradication of child labor, adult literacy programs, health education campaigns etc., Under the scheme, each volunteer contributes 240 hours of community work during the period of a year.
N.S.S volunteers created community assets like the summer stage tanks in villages, foundation work for the houses of weaker sections, roads for inaccessible villages etc. even in the early years of its existence.
Ever since the inception of N.S.S., our units have been engaged in zealous and purposeful social work upholding the ideal of N.S.S. i.e., “Education through Service”. The boys and the girls of the college have been evincing genuine interest in the activities of N.S.S. under the inspiring leadership of lecturers with learning and experience.
Until 1974, the activities of N.S.S. were confined to the campus. Thanks to the introduction of “Special Camping Program” by Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, N.S.S. units have developed a wider scope to come closer to the rural community, which forms the backbone of Indian economy.
There are three NSS Units in the college. Each unit has a strength of 100 volunteers each. Sri.G.Chandra Sekhar, Lecturer in Commerce, Dr.K.Sanjanna, Lecturer in Telugu and Sri.K.Govindu, Lecturer in Economics are the N.S.S Program Officers who head each unit.
Besides, undertaking several activities like blood donation, clean and green, laying roads in villages, our volunteers participated in several State-level and National level camps held in different parts of the country. Some of our volunteers represented our state in RD Parade held in New Delhi.
Two volunteers participated in R.D.C. training at Pachu Marry (M.P.) in 1993. 5 Girl Volunteers participated in pre-R.D.C. Training at Hyderabad in 1999. Mr.M. Paramesh of III B.Com Participated in Republic Parade in 2002.
Kum.D.Soumya of III B.Sc Participated in pre R.D.C. Camp at Chabra in Bihar State and was selected as group leader for Andhra Team.