AACSA is an organization which recruits the students of our college to undertake various Social activities. Sri.M.Jonathan Wycliffe is the Coordinator of AACSA. It is maintained with the assistance of UGC –CPE Grants. AACSA organized Blood Group Testing Camp in the college recently. The volunteers tested the blood samples of about 500 students of the college and noted their blood groups and addresses. In times of emergency, these students are contacted so that they can volunteer to donate blood to the needy.
The college campus houses a Corporation Bank. It was started in 1980.It provides various services to the staff and the students and the general public .
There is a Post Office on college campus. It provides various services to the staff and the students and the general public.
Tapan Das Tomal Chand Boys’ Hostel was inaugurated in 1967. It has 34 rooms which provide accommodation to the UG and PG Students of our college. There are about 75 inmates at present.
A Women’s hostel is under construction with the financial assistance of the UGC. It is likely to be inaugurated at the beginning of next academic year.
Philanthropists and Donors offer Scholarships to the economically weaker meritorious students of the college every year.
Sri Gowra Sriramulu Setty Family Trust, 2. Sri Gowra Subbaraya Setty Social Welfare Trust, Adoni separately award Scholarship of Rs.100/- per month for 10 months during the academic year to the final year Degree students two each from B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com. Courses.
These scholarships are awarded to the students of the final year Degree Classes who passed the Intermediate Examination and first and second year Degree Examinations in one attempt with maximum marks and who have been regular to the classes, tests and examinations, N.C.C. parades and games provided their parental annual income in the preceding year did not exceed Rs.20,000.
Sri Mallikarjuna Educational Charitable Trust, Adoni, sponsored by Sri K. Sugurappa, Managing Partner, Sri Basaveswara Ginning Factory, Adoni awards three merit Scholarships to the Final Year Degree Girl Students of the College every year, one each from Final B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com.The scholarship amount of Rs.2, 000/- is awarded to girl students one from each of these courses in final year. They should have passed the Intermediate Public Exam, I year and II year University exams in the first attempt. They must be regular to the classes and found to be economically poor, as identified by the Tutor concerned.