With an aim to develop qualities of courage, comradeship (camaraderie), discipline, leadership, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service among the youth, NCC was commissioned by the Presidential Act in 1948. In order to instill these noble qualities in our students, the first N.C.C. Company was raised in our college in 1962. L. Nageshwara Rao was the first N.C.C. Officer.
The Beginning
In the beginning, N.C.C. training was made mandatory to all the Degree students of the College. Later in 1968, N.C.C. training was made optional. Then, the college had a company of N.C.C. cadets with the strength of 165.
In 1996, our N.C.C. Unit was overhauled. Two Senior Division Platoons were added to the existing platoon. Since then, our College N.C.C. unit has two platoons with a total of 100 cadets. They have been renamed as 147 A & B platoons, of 28 Andhra Battalions. In 1998, two girl units of N.C.C. with the strength of 100 cadets were commissioned. They are called 58 A & B 9 (A) Girls Battalions.
At present, there are two Boys units and One Girl. Each unit is led by an Associate N C C Officer. Sri. P.Kambi Reddy, Lecturer in Physical Education, is the CTO of Boys’ Unit while Kum.Uma Maheshwari is the CTO of Girls’ Unit.
Our cadets participated in several N C C Camps, Thala Sainik Camps , RDC and Pre-RDC Camps held in different parts of the country. Our cadet Sgt. V.Basavaraj of III B.A. participated in Republic Day Parade of 2005.Sgt. A.Laxmanna represented our college in the Republic Day Parade (2007).
Besides participating in different camps, our cadets actively participate in several social activities like Blood Donation Camps, AIDS Awareness Camps, Pulse Polio Administering Camp s, Traffic Awareness Weeks, etc. Our cadets also assist the temple administration of Urukudu Eranna in maintaining Queues of pilgrims during the month of Shravana.